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The Secrets of Exchange Scripting and Routing

This section will help you to obtain information on developing applications using Microsoft Exchange Scripting and Routing. Note that CDOLive does not provide any information about learning how to build your own applications using a particular programming language. If you are completely new to Microsoft Exchange Scripting and Routing, it is a good idea to step into the Microsoft Exchange Scripting and Routing help file AGENTS.HLP. This file is located on the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 CD-ROM. Note that an updated version is included with the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2. You can also download the most current version of the AGENTS.HLP file from CDOLive (206 Kbyte).

If you are not familiar with developing applications using Microsoft Visual Basic Script, Microsoft JScript, Microsoft Active Server Pages or HTML please first check the Programming Language Resources to find a list of useful links which should help you to learn a programming language and take a look at the Training & Book Recommendations to find a lot of excellent books and training information.