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Here you can find a list of useful links to information about Microsoft Exchange Server Scripting and Routing . Some of the links are pointing to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Online or the Microsoft Personal Support Center (formerly known as 'Microsoft Support Online Knowledge Base'). Because of the frequent changes on the Microsoft Web site, you could encounter out-dated links.


Microsoft Developer Network Online: Collaboration Data Objects - Using E-Mail in Your Application

Microsoft Developer Network Online: Collaboration Data Objects Roadmap

Comparison of CDO Libraries

Microsoft Office Developer Forum: Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) help File

Microsoft Personal Support Center: Collaboration Data Objects Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Developer Network Online: CDO Library - Guide

Overview of CDO

Intended Audience

Software Requirements

Microsoft Developer Network Online: Appendixes

Error Codes

MAPI Property Tags

Microsoft Exchange Property Tags

Knowledge Base Articles

CDOLive - CDO 1.x, KB

OLEXP: BUG: Outlook Express Library Appears as Visual Basic Reference

How to Acquire the Win95 Windows Messaging System (WMS)

How to Authenticate a User Against All Trusted Domains

Windows 2000 Support for Windows Messaging

INFO: Accessing Custom Attributes of Recipients

INFO: Active Messaging and Collaboration Data Objects (1.x)

INFO: Developer Support Limitations with Outlook Express

INFO: Developer Information About the CDO E-mail Security Update

INFO: Differences Between CDO, Simple MAPI, and Extended MAPI

INFO: Entry IDs of Outlook Special Folders

INFO: Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000 on the Same Computer Is Not Supported

INFO: IMAPITable::Restrict 16000 Row Limitation in Exchange AB

INFO: Logging On to Exchange by Using CDO Can Create Default Folders

INFO: MAPI and CDO Are Not Supported in Outlook IMO Mode

INFO: MAPI_NO_COINIT Flag To Make MAPIInitialize Not Call CoInit

INFO: MAPI Is Not Suitable for HTML Messages

INFO: Microsoft Exchange PAB, PST, and MSG File Structure

INFO: OL2000: Developer Information About the CDO E-mail Security Update

INFO: Outlook Named Properties Are Not Supported by MAPI/CDO

INFO: Outlook Object Model Unsuitable to Run in an Windows NT Service

INFO: Redistributing the MAPI Subsystem

INFO: Relationship between 1.x CDO Libraries and CDOSYS.DLL

INFO: Save Message to MSG Compound File

INFO: What is the Difference Between CDO 1.2 and CDONTS?

INFO: What's New in Active Messaging Library Version 1.1

INFO: Windows 2000 Does Not Install MAPI 1.0 Subsystem

INFO: Where to Acquire the Collaboration Data Objects Libraries (all versions)

HOWTO: Access MAPI Address Books with Active Messaging 1.1

HOWTO: Access Message Property Not Exposed by Active Messaging

HOWTO: Accessing SMTP Headers of a Message Using CDO (1.x)

HOWTO: Access, Restore, Delete Soft Deleted Item Exchange Server

HOWTO: Bind an Agent to an Exchange Server Mailbox Folder with VC++

HOWTO: Build a CDO (1.x) Messaging Application to Run from a Service

HOWTO: Call a Visual Basic Active X DLL to Send Mail

HOWTO: Check Someone Else's Schedule for Free/Busy Information

HOWTO: Configure an Exchange Mailbox for Anonymous Access

HOWTO: Correlate Delivery and Read Receipt to the Original Message

HOWTO: Create a Mailbox Using DAPI

HOWTO: Determine If a CDO (1.x) Session Is Online or Offline from VB

HOWTO: Embedding a Document in a Message using Active Messaging

HOWTO: Extract MAPI Properties of Current User in Outlook Form

HOWTO: Finding a Sent Message using Collaboration Data Objects (1.x)

HOWTO: Find a User's Home Exchange Server from a MAPI Session

HOWTO: Filter Messages Using CDO (1.x) with Visual J++

HOWTO: Force a Particular Internet Encoding by Using MAPI

HOWTO: Forward Messages Using CDO/VB 1.2x

HOWTO: Get Windows NT DOMAIN\UserName of Exchange Mailbox Using CDO/VB

HOWTO: How to Send Message On Behalf Of Another User

HOWTO: List Messages in the Inbox with MAPI

HOWTO: Logging on to Active Messaging Session w/ Default Profile

HOWTO: Log On to Exchange with the ProfileInfo Parameter

HOWTO: Loop Through Mailboxes on Exchange Using GetMailboxTable

HOWTO: MAPI Enable a Windows NT Service

HOWTO: Move Messages Using Active Messaging MoveTo Method

HOWTO: Open a MAPI IMessage Interface with CDO Entry ID

HOWTO: Programmatically Copy a Message Type Attachment to a Folder

HOWTO: Programmatically Embed a Hyperlink to a Message

HOWTO: Read Address Book Properties in Visual Basic

HOWTO: Read a Rules Table in Exchange

HOWTO: Remove a Published Form from a Folder Using Visual C++

HOWTO: Remove Published Forms from a Folder Using CDO (1.x)

HOWTO: Retrieve Alternate E-mail Addresses Using CDO

HOWTO: Retrieve MAPI User Information with OLE Messaging

HOWTO: Search Folders with the SetSearchCriteria Method

HOWTO: Send a Message Using CDO (1.x) with Visual J++

HOWTO: Send Mail from Visual Basic Using OLE Messaging

HOWTO: Send Mail to a Hidden Recipient Using MAPI

HOWTO: Send Mail to Remote Exchange Server in ASP with VB DLL

HOWTO: Set the Default Reply-Recipient with CDO (1.x) Using C++

HOWTO: Show Only GAL in the AddressBook Dialog Box Using CDO (1.x)

HOWTO: Use ACL Object and CDO (1.21) to List Folder Permissions for a MAPI Folder

HOWTO: Use Active Messaging to Work with Public/Personal Folders

HOWTO: Use CDO (1.x) to Get Source Message from Non-Delivery Receipt (NDR)

HOWTO: Use CDO (1.x) to See if a Message Is Signed and/or Encrypted

HOWTO: Use CDO (1.x) to Set the Message Delivery Options

HOWTO: Use CDO (1.x) to Set Up Reply to Alternate Recipient

HOWTO: Use CDO (1.x) to Work with Public/Personal Folders

HOWTO: Use CDO (1.x)/VC++ with Recipients Collection RawTable Property

HOWTO: Use Mdbvu32.exe to Set/Create a Property on a Folder

HOWTO: Use CDO (1.x)/VC++ to Get Properties on Received Messages

HOWTO: Use the Rule.dll Sample to Create an Inbox Rule from Visual Basic

HOWTO: Using VC++ to Start an Active Messaging Session

HOWTO: Write a CDO (1.x) MessageFilter for Your Appointment Collection

HOWTO: Work with Distribution Lists Using CDO (1.x) from Visual Basic

PRB: Accepting Meeting Request Loses Categories Information

PRB: Access Violation with CDO (1.x) in Multi-threaded COM Server

PRB: ACL/Rules Samples and CDO (1.x) Applications Fail After Installing Exchange Server 5.5 SP2

PRB: ACL: New ACE ID Not the Same As Original AddressEntry ID

PRB: ACL: Outlook 2000 Doesn't Properly Read ACL Settings

PRB: Attachment Long File Name Truncates to 8.3 Format

PRB: Changing Properties of AddressEntry object of a Recipient

PRB: CDO Applications Are Not Supported in MTS or COM+

PRB: CDO (1.x) Returns Message Object instead of AppointmentItem Object

PRB: CDO:"MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND" Error When You Call Session.Logon

PRB: CDO (1.x) Cannot See New Incoming Messages in Personal Folders

PRB: CDO (1.x) Error: Run-time error "-2147221233" with GetFreeBusy

PRB: CDO (1.x) Filter on AppoinmentItems has Unexpected Behavior

PRB: CdoE_NO_SUPPORT at CDO (1.x) Logon

PRB: CDO (1.x) Can't Send Meeting Requests Based on Custom AppointmentItems

PRB: CDO (1.x): Session.Logon Fails with E_AccessDenied (0x80070005)

PRB: CDO (1.x) Does Not Run in an NT Service with Outlook 97 or Exchange Client

PRB: Cannot Set TimeSent and TimeReceived Properties Manually

PRB: Current Directory Changes After OL2000 Installation

PRB: CDO (1.x) Session.CurrentUser Returns Wrong User Name

PRB: Credentials Dialog Box When Exchange Accessed with MAPI

PRB: DateValue Does Not Return Time Information

PRB: Error MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND (8004010F) Using CDO (1.x)

PRB: Error: MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER (8004011D) Using CDO (1.x)

PRB: Error '80040403' Returned When Filter Global Address List

PRB: "Error 8002009 - MAPI_E_NOT_INITIALIZED 80040605" with CDO (1.x)

PRB: Exchange Server 5.5 Rejects POP3 Messages in Base64

PRB: E_FAIL on SaveChanges() with Too Many Properties

PRB: Folders.Item("tag_name") Returns Wrong Folder Item

PRB: GetFirst/GetLast methods of CDO (1.x) Cannot Filter Appointments

PRB: GetDefaultFolder Method of CDO (1.x) Session Fails with VARIANT

PRB: GetMessage Returns Message Object Instead of MeetingItem

PRB: Load Library Failed Error Registering Active Messaging

PRB: MAPI/CDO (1.x) Applications Fail After Outlook Express Install

PRB: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND Err Setting Value of Property with CDO (1.x)

PRB:"MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT" Calling Session.Logon on Windows 95/98

PRB: CDO: MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT When Using CDO (1.x) ClearRecurrencePattern

PRB: MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED when Calling Logon Method

PRB: MAPI_E_TOO_COMPLEX when Sorting the Messages by Subject

PRB: Memory Leak in Active Messaging v1.1 Folder Handling Process

PRB: OpenMsgStore() and HrMailboxLogon() May Fail When You Open More Than 255 Mailboxes

PRB: Problems with CDO (1.x) after Upgrading to Outlook 98

PRB: Problems with CoInitializeEx and CDO

PRB: Problems Using CDO (1.x) Against an Exchange 4.x Server

PRB: ReadFromFile() Fails for Attachment of Type CdoOle

PRB: Run-Time Error -2147467259 with CDO (1.x) MoveTo Method

PRB: "Self.Parent.Main_SR is not an object." With Frameset DTC

PRB: Setting PR_SENTMAIL_ENTRYID in CDO (1.x) is Not Retained

PRB: Unhandled Exception Using COM Smart Pointers with VC++

BUG: Accessing Custom Properties with CDO (1.x)

BUG: Anonymous Logon Causes Spooler to Hang During Logoff

BUG: CDO (1.21) copies unnecessary MAPI properties to new messages in Forwarding and Replying

BUG: CDO (1.x) Error MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED (80040111)

BUG: CDO (1.x) in C/C++ RawTable->Release() Hangs at Logoff

BUG: CDO (1.21) Message.Text Property May Return Truncated

BUG: CDO (1.21) With #import Causes Incorrect HRESULT Error Code Values

BUG: CDO: Copying or Moving Hidden Messages Makes Them Visible

BUG: E_INVALIDARG Error Returned From CDO (1.2x) Reply Method

BUG: IAdrBook::OpenEntry() Fails on Outlook Contacts

BUG: MAPILogonEx Memory Leak

FIX: Accepting Meeting Request Changes Organizer

FIX: CDO (1.x) MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER Using Store Related Properties

FIX: E_FAIL Error Returned From CDO When Accessing MAPI.Folder

FIX: ERR Msg: Failed to Perform MAPI Logon

FIX: CDO (1.x) Error MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER Using Store Related Properties

FIX: Folder.Messages.Delete Hangs Visual Basic

FIX: Leak in Repeated Calls to MAPILogonEx

FILE: A Visual Basic-Based Active Messaging Inbox Agent

FILE: DLL to Read and Write RTF with Active Messaging

FILE: Mapiasst.exe: MAPI ASSERT Debug Routines

FILE: Mfccdo.exe: Collaboration Data Objects with Visual C++

FILE: Showform.exe Displays Message in its Own Form with VB

FILE: Simple MAPI Console Application

SAMPLE: AdContac.exe Adds Sender of Incoming Message to Contacts

SAMPLE: FormServer Implements a C++ MAPI Form with IDispatch

SAMPLE: FrmVwr.exe Extended MAPI Form Viewer

SAMPLE: Profman2.exe - MAPI Profile Manager v2.0

SAMPLE: RTFView.exe Rich Text Format Stream Viewer

AddToPAB.exe Add Sender of Incoming Message to the PAB

0x0000007e Error When Registering Olemsg32.dll or Cdo.dll Files

DOC: AddressBook Dialog Box Not Modal When Called From CDO (1.x)

MAPI Crashes When Using COM Multithread Model

XADM: Accessing Information Store Folders May Become Slow

XADM: Cannot Publish EForm to Organizational Form Library

XADM: CDO Can Corrupt Data in Reoccurring Appointments

XADM: CDO CopyTo Method May Cause a MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND Error

XADM: CDO MAPI Session Logon Call Does Not Work When Running As a Service

XADM: Controlling Folder Index Aging

XADM: Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000 Stop Responding While Sending or Posting by Using Port

XADM: Disabling Per-user Read/Unread Properties on a Public Folder after Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2

XADM: Error c103073a Occurs When Attempting to Start the Exchange Administrator Program

XADM: Exchange Server 5.5 Post-SP3 Collaboration Data Objects Fixes Available

XADM: Free and Busy Information for Resources May Disappear While Using Auto-Accept Script

XADM: How to Move Mailboxes That Have Events Scripts Installed on the Inbox

XADM: How to Recover Items That Do Not Touch the Deleted Items Folder

XADM: How to Use Mdbview to Remove Mailbox Event Scripts

XADM: Insufficient Memory when CDO/MAPI Application Accesses a Message on Exchange Server

XADM: Mdbvu32 Enhancements for Viewing and Managing Rules Messages

XADM: OpenMsgStore Function Is Not Thread Safe

XADM: Public Folder Size Displayed Incorrectly If Larger Than 4.3 Gigabytes

XADM: Reoccurring Appointments Created by CDO Are Not Added to Local Free/Busy Map

XADM: RoleAdmin Installation and Script Errors on Windows 2000 Server

XCLN: Agents Tab Missing in Outlook Inbox Properties

XCLN: Appointments Created Using Collaboration Data Objects Off by One Hour

XCLN: CDO Only Publishes Three Months of Free/Busy Data

XCLN: CDO Search of GAL for CdoPR_MHS_COMMON_NAME is Slow

XCLN: Creating a MAPI Profile for Lotus Notes

XCLN: English Version of Fix for Outlook 2000 Store Provider Memory Leak

XCLN: Exchange Server Performance Problems Caused by Clients That Open Large Numbers of Messages

XCLN: How to Retrieve Last Logon Time of Exchange Users Using Extended MAPI

XCLN: Individual AutoArchive Settings not Stored in Registry

XCLN: Installing and Using GAL Modify Tool to Update Information

XCLN: MAPI_E_TOO_COMPLEX Error Is Returned When Using the GetAssociatedAppointment Method of CDO

XCLN: Memory Leak in Loop Accessing Collaboration Data Objects

XCLN: Resource Calendars Display Incorrect Free and Busy Times

XCLN: Routing Wizard Does Not Work on New Installation of Outlook 2000

XCLN: Sending Messages In Rich-Text Format

XCLN: Unable to Get Published Folder List

XCON: Recipient Address Corrupted on Outbound Messages to EDK Gateway

XGEN: Changing the RPC Binding Order

XGEN: CDO's GetNext with Custom Property Fails at 17th Time

XGEN: CDO Returns Substring Search Instead of Prefix

XGEN: Exchange Server 5.5 Post-Service Pack 4 Collaboration Data Objects Fixes Available

XGEN: Versions of Important .exe and .dll Files for Exchange Server 5.5, 5.5 SP1, 5.5 SP2, and 5.5 SP3

XFOR: Preventing Winmail.dat From Being Sent Over IMC

XFOR: How to Prevent the Winmail.dat File from Being Sent to Internet Users

XIMS: IMAPISession::OpenMsgStore Leaks Approximately 40-60 Bytes Per Call