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Recommended Third Party Programs

Exchange Resource Manager (ERM) is a server-based resource management extension for Microsoft Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003. ERM gives IT departments a quick, out-of-the-box solution to better manage corporate rooms and resources on the Exchange server. Free Trial version available.

Script Director from MicroEye helps you with Microsoft Exchange Server Scripting & Routing, which can be used in conjunction with Visual Studio 6 to manage Microsoft Exchange Server Scripting and Routing scripts. MicroEye also has ZipOut, which can be used to compress all e-mail attachments before they are sent on the fly.

TeamScope Software. TeamScope is a leading-edge technology company dedicated exclusively to producing innovative software for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. The Outlook Extensions Library is a toolkit for extending and enhancing your Outlook applications. TeamWork™ for Outlook and Exchange is a comprehensive workflow system which is tightly integrated with Outlook, and which also fully leverages the power of Exchange. You'll find detailed information about both products on their Website.

Outlook Spy. OutlookSpy is the ultimate Outlook developer tool; integrated directly into Outlook, it provides fast and convenient access to virtually all Outlook Object Model objects, lets you examine values of the properties, call functions, browse object hierarchy and monitor Outlook events. CDO is supported too!

MapiData. This company offers a MAPI OLEDB provider to access Exchange /5.5 Server data using OLEDB.

Persist Software. Looking for a file upload component for your Active Server Pages application? Or maybe a solution to send encrypted e-mail? If so, check the components Persist Software offers. They also have a component called 'ASPUser' which can do Windows NT/2000 authentication programmatically.