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With the release of Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 in Q1 of 1996 Microsoft did not know how fast this product would grow in the world. After two years Microsoft Server has now reached more than15 million sold seats. There are several companies in the world that have started to provide information and add-ons for Microsoft Exchange Server and/or Microsoft Outlook. This is not a complete list of all available information. It should only be a help to start you in the World of Microsoft Exchange Server & Microsoft Outlook.

Free Resources

Slipstick Systems Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center was one of the first Websites (maybe THE first Website), which provided information about Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook from the product release. On this Website you will find hot news and links to cool add-ons for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook.

Here is a short list of information available at Slipstick Systems. Please note that this list is not complete. It only covers some highlights:

Bullet iconUtilities for Microsoft Outlook & Exchange. A continuously growing list of Add-ons for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook 9x/2000.
Scheduling Resources for Microsoft Outlook. If you have resources, such as conference rooms, that you want users to be able to book as they invite people to meetings, you can use several possible methods. Also check out to find more hints, e. g. how to Maintaining a Group Calendar in Outlook.

Bullet is the premier site for Outlook developers. Development resources from are now on OutlookCode.

Bullet iconSWYNK.COM is the leading Web site for Microsoft Exchange peer support. It is the home of the Microsoft Exchange Discussion List.

Bullet iconOutlook Exchange Developer Site. This site is dedicated to providing information and Resources to seasoned Outlook developers as well as to those who want to do simple modifications to Microsoft Outlook. There are a bunch of code samples to learn how to develop your own Microsoft Outlook forms.

Bullet iconSimpler Webb Inc. is a consulting company specializing in technology implementation and strategy. They provide both services and products in the areas of email connectivity, network infrastructure design and management, and firewall implementation to companies seeking innovative solutions to their information technology needs. Also they maintain a comprehensive resource of informative papers, reviews, and tips on topics from Microsoft Exchange to Internet Security.

Bullet iconmASUCH eXCHANGE nETWORK. This site offers some pretty cool freeware tools to manage the different language names of your Outlook default folder.

Bullet iconAmrein Exchange Resource Center. Starting from this point you will find a never-ending list of third party add-ons and much more information about Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook.

Bullet iconMicrosoft Windows Scripting Host. This site provides information about Microsoft Windows Scripting Host (WSH). WSH is a tool that will allow you to run VBScript and JScript natively within the base Operating System, either on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0. There is also a lot of information on COM objects that can be used with WSH and any other environment where you can work with VBScript and JScript (e.g. Exchange Scripting Agents, Outlook Forms).

Bullet iconWin32 Scripting. The addition of the Windows Scripting Host to 32 bit Windows Operating Systems marks a major evolutionary step for the Windows platform. Powerful, robust automation, via script, once the domain of UNIX and main frame operating systems, is now available natively under Windows. On this site you will find resources for all of your scripting needs. Sample Scripts, reference materials and technical support via an online discussion lounge. 

Bullet icon15Seconds. A great resource for Active Server Pages developer. Includes links to third party components and excellent technical articles.

Bullet iconASP Alliance. If you are looking for information about Microsoft Active Server Pages this Web site is a good starting point to find information, resources and links to add-ons about ASP.

Bullet The place ASP developers go. Lots of code samples, info and technical articles.

Bullet Your 1st source for free ASP live demo's, forums, download and more.

Bullet iconActivedir.Org. The purpose of this web site is to provide a resource for Microsoft's Active Directory.

Bullet iconMS Exchange Programming. WRConsulting is an association of independent professional consultants. They also write a book about Microsoft Exchange Server programming and most of the content is available online.

Bullet iconMacGyver's Netscape - Outlook Plugin. If you want to get rid of the Netscape e-mail client and want to use Outlook for the Netscape browser e-mail function, take a look at this Plug-in that allows you to send mail using Outlook from within Netscape when you click on a mailto URL.

Bullet iconExchange Code Exchange. A new completely non-commercial Web site dedicated to providing free code samples and applications focusing on Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. They have also an awesome AutoAccept Microsoft Exchange Server Event script, including an AutoAccept Wizard, which provides a complete solution for Automatic Resource scheduling including numerous enhancements that have been requested by the Exchange community. This has allowed the script to evolve into an extremely useful tool with a feature set that meets the needs of the vast majority of sites using Exchange.

Bullet find out how, now!. This is  an excellent resource site for Exchange administrators with lots of information including a discussion forum. Note that this site is not associated with GFI Software or their site. 

Bullet iconMicrosoft Exchange Software. This site has a list of Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook related books and add-ons. There is also a very useful list of links to messaging related stuff. 

Bullet iconExchange2000 Your source for Exchange 2000 Server. This site is maintained by Martin Tuip, a member of the CDOLive team. He's site provides information and resources, including books and whitepapers, regarding Exchange 2000. Also a mailing list is provided to discuss Exchange 2000 related questions.

Bullet iconSharePoint Portal 2001 Server. This site is maintained by Martin Tuip, a member of the CDOLive team. He's site provides information and resources, including books and whitepapers, regarding SharePoint Portal 2001 Server (formerly known as code name 'Tahoe'). Also a mailing list is provided to discuss SharePoint Portal 2001 Server related questions.

Bullet iconThe Mail Resource Center. The Mail Resource Center is a website dedicated to cataloging client and server related e-mail tools, links and resources.

Bullet iconCodeSites.Com. CodeSites is the ultimate development related links collection. There are links to thousands of web sites. Also it  is a fully searchable online links directory.

Third Party Resources

Bullet iconMicro Eye, Inc. is a company with a very high knowledge of building solutions using Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. The president of Micro Eye, Inc., Randy Byrne was a speaker at Microsoft TechEd '98, New Orleans. Check out their great Script Director for Microsoft Exchange Server Scripting & Routing, which can be used in conjunction with Visual Studio 6 to manage Microsoft Exchange Server Scripting and Routing scripts. Micro Eye, Inc. has opened a new Outlook resources. It includes an Outlook 2000 COM AddIns and a product called ZipOut, which can be used to compress all e-mail attachments before they are sent on the fly.

Bullet icon TeamScope Software. TeamScope is a leading-edge technology company dedicated exclusively to producing innovative software for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. The Outlook Extensions Library is a toolkit for extending and enhancing your Outlook applications. TeamWork™ for Outlook and Exchange is a comprehensive workflow system which is tightly integrated with Outlook, and which also fully leverages the power of Exchange. You'll find detailed information about both products on their Website.

Bullet icon IMIBO Computer Systems. Provides some create utilities (some with source code) how to develop applications that interface with Exchange Server using DELPHI. IMIBO LTD work ONLY with native MS Exchange API an MAPI (self translated), because it is 10-99 times faster that CDO and ADSI.

Bullet icon Outlook Spy. OutlookSpy is the ultimate Outlook developer tool; integrated directly into Outlook, it provides fast and convenient access to virtually all Outlook Object Model objects, lets you examine values of the properties, call functions, browse object hierarchy and monitor Outlook events. CDO is supported too!

Bullet icon Persist Software. Looking for a file upload component for your Active Server Pages application? Or maybe a solution to send encrypted e-mail? If so, check the components Persist Software offers. They also have a component called 'ASPUser' which can do Windows NT/2000 authentication programmatically.